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Responsibility Essay Sample

Responsibility is a term used to refer to a state of being answerable, accountable or responsible for something that is within a person’s management, control or power. When you ponder over your responsibility to America, the first thing that should come to your mind is being loyal by paying taxes and voting. Another thing that should reverberate in your mind is a responsibility to defend America as well as the duty to acknowledge and honor the people that fight to protect your freedom on a daily basis.

A better percentage of Americans are usually quick to claim that they’re proud to be American. On the contrary, most of the time they are not accountable for their defense of the country’s foundational values, beliefs or even the people that dedicate their lives to defending our right to keep these beliefs. It is important to note that we all have moral or ethical obligations that we must continuously fight for on top of being accountable and informed about paying taxes and voting. Your call for responsibility to America is not only meant to fulfill your duties as a citizen of this great nation, but it should also prompt you to uphold America’s ideals.

Responsibility of Being Informed About Your Nation

When writing an essay about responsibility, it is vital to mention that being always informed on matters pertaining to America is one of the most fundamental duties that Americans have been tasked with. At first, this might not seem to be of importance, but you will be shocked by the significant levels of ignorance concerning the current events in America that most people struggle with. Even though it’s not a requirement, we are supposed to be always held accountable for the understanding of issues concerning our nation as well as voting accordingly.

In this essay on responsibility, we can borrow a leaf from my personal experience. I can remember back in the day when I was still in elementary school and could hear my parents talking about elections and politics. Their conversations made little sense to me and thus resulted in making me dread the day that I would be required to vote. I could not wrap my head around the reasons as to why my parents would take time to vote for a person that would rule over the entire nation as well as the place we lived. It even reached a point where I swore that I would never vote because of how pointless I thought the activity was.

In addition to the above, I did not care about making an effort to defend my nation mainly due to the lack of understanding of all the efforts that veterans had made to preserve the safety of Americans. I was sailing in a boat of ignorance that made me believe that one person alone could not influence the outcome of a political election in America. However, since then, I have come to learn that my vote alone can make a paradigm-shifting difference. This change in mindset was brought about by taking interest and keeping informed with the dynamics of the country. With such knowledge at hand, I learned that it is possible for the officials that I vote for to make proper decisions that are in the same wavelength with American beliefs and promote the values we regard to be true.

Responsibilities Dictated by Law

There are some responsibilities to our nation that are at times required of us by law. Some of such types of responsibilities include being answerable to the country’s legislative policies and regulations. Duties such as ensuring that you attend school until a particular age and pay taxes are mandatory to us merely because the law dictates it and there is no way that you can maneuver around them.

In this responsibility essay, we can compare duties to doing school assignments while on the other hand, we can make responsibilities to be similar to doing house chores. Even though you’re not required always to do your house chores, ethics imply that you should do them. On the opposite end of things, homework is necessary for getting good grades. Failure to do your homework is bound to get you terrible grades that could hurt your future academic endeavors. Just as it is in doing your assignments and chores, if Americans fail to fulfill their duties and responsibilities, they are bound to face the consequences. Each of the two aspects is important to the society and its general functionality.

Responsibility of Being Proud of Your Country

What does being American entail? Being more grown up now, I can assert that I understand it at greater depths. Failure of people to take pride in their places of origin seems like a strange and foreign concept. It is indeed possible for a person in America not to have been born in the country but to have moved to the state. In light of this, if you live in America, it is your duty to be proud of the place you reside in.

There is a likelihood that some people are not believers in the importance of fighting for America and are of the opinion that it solves nothing. However, what they don’t comprehend is the degree of sacrifice that was made by some of the country’s heroes for us to enjoy the liberty we have presently.

It is true that our nation could at times experience problems, especially with the presence of myriads of politicians and each one of them having different opinions concerning particular topics. Despite all this, we should come to terms with the fact that America enjoys more freedom as compared to many other nations. We are known for our knack for assisting our fellow countries, regardless of whether they are neighboring states or not.

If a state experiences a natural disaster, America is ever on the front line to offer help in the form of moral support and enough supplies to see to it that they get back up on their feet. In case something takes place in our various communities and some people are in need of assistance, they get it immediately. Our duty as Americans does not require us to always agree with everything that happens in our country but instead, we are required to respect it.


In conclusion, fulfilling my responsibility to America is not only what being American entails. You are required to always take pride in this nation mainly due to reasons such as being able to enjoy rights that other countries only dream about. We should learn to stop blaming other people for our preferred president or even senator candidates not winning elections if we did not also take the initiative to participate in the elections.

We should always strive to honor the people that fought for our nation and the rights of its people because they are the main pillars on which our country’s democracy is built on. There are some things that we honestly do not enjoy doing or agree with but are needed to do such as paying taxes.

However, if you think about the dire state that the country would be in without such measures, you will be prompted to change your perspective on fulfilling your national duties. The responsibility that I have been tasked with to America does not entail only performing my civic obligations as an American. It is also comprised of understanding my duties and taking pride in the nation that has accorded me the freedom that I enjoy presently as has been expounded on in the above responsibility essay example.

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