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Personal Narrative Ideas

Overview of Personal Narrative Essays

As a method of expository writing, personal narrative essays, like any other academic essay, give you a chance to think and write about yourself. Remember that we all have interesting life experiences which our readers need to know. So, with a narrative essay, you are just telling your story.

These essays are often written from the author's point of view so they'll need to offer the reader with specific sensory details. Now, if you don't know how to write a personal narrative, we have come up with a list of ideas that are sure to help. The categories below touch on almost everything from college education, fashion, family and more!

Brilliant Personal Narrative Ideas on Health and Fashion

Fashion and health are things which affect our day to day lives. You might be a person who would do anything to achieve a fantastic look or one who is battling a particular disease. Whichever the case, using a personal narrative essay, you can share both the positive and negative experiences with your audience. Here are some ideas:

  1. Do You Know What Your Hairstyle Says About You
  2. What Lengths Do You Think You Would Go For The Sake Of Fashion?
  3. Are There Any Cool Trends You Remember From Your Early Days In Elementary School?
  4. What's Your Signature Clothing Artier?
  5. Has Someone Ever Told You That You Like A Famous Person?
  6. Do You Have Or Have You Ever Thought Of Getting A Tattoo?
  7. What Are Your Weirdest Sleeping Habits
  8. Do You Get Sufficient Sleep When It's Too Hot?
  9. Major Health Tips That Have Improved Your Life
  10. Lastly, In Your Narrative Speech, You Could Describe An Experience You Had With A Cancer Patient

Captivating Personal Narrative Essay Ideas on College Education

College is usually a period for students to learn, explore and nurture their unique talents so that they may eventually grow into professionals. It's also filled with unforgettable, once in a lifetime moments and all these memories are worth being shared. If you're still not sure, use these personal narrative essay ideas to write a catchy and flawless paper:

  1. How Common Is The Use Of Drug Abuse In Your School?
  2. Have You Ever Gone Through A Hazing Exercise To Join A Group?
  3. What Made Your Graduation Ceremony Memorable?
  4. Can You Describe Your College Homecoming Party?
  5. What Qualities Would You Look For In A College Roommate
  6. What Type Of Personal Narrative Essay Would You Issue To College Applicants?
  7. Do You Think College Is Overrated?
  8. Can You Describe An Awful Experience You Went Through In College Because Of The Internet?
  9. If You Had The Choice, Which College Would You Have Attended?
  10. Explain A College Trip That's Impossible To Forget

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics on Family

The family is the major social unit we have in our society. A lot of things happen in our families, both good and bad. Some memories are too tough to bear while others leave you with a smile almost every time. No matter the situation, you need to share such experiences with your audience and these personal narrative examples will guide you through!

  1. What Are The Memorable Things You've Accomplished Together With Your Family
  2. Which Events Have Brought You Closer To Your Family Members?
  3. Can You Write A Narrative Essay Describing Your Family?
  4. Which Possessions Are Treasured Most In Your Family?
  5. What Role Do You Play In Your Family?
  6. How Much Do You Know About Your Family's History?
  7. What Characteristics Do You Share With Your Parents?
  8. Which Childhood Pet Do You Still Treasure And Miss?
  9. How Often Do You Pay Tribute To Your Passed Loved Ones?
  10. Can You Describe The Most Painful Situation In Your Family?
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Personal Narrative Ideas on Overcoming Adversity

Many people are going through different challenges. Some of them are at the verge of losing hope while other are even about to commit suicide. As a professional personal narrative writer, you shouldn't let this happen. Share those amazing stories on how you overcame certain challenges in life to encourage and motivate your readers. And you can draw inspiration from these personal narrative essay ideas:

  1. What's The Greatest Challenge You've Overcome So Far?
  2. What Do You Normally Do To Overcome The Obstacles In Your Life?
  3. Do You Have Any Secret Survival Tactics?
  4. How Do You Usually Relieve Stress?
  5. Which Is The Most Stressful Experience You've Gone Through Of Late?
  6. Which Activities Clutter Up Your Life?
  7. What Steps Are You Taking To Find Peace In Your Life?
  8. Can You Remember A Day You Succeeded When You Thought That You Would Fail?
  9. Which Are Some Of The Everyday Issues Which Bother You?
  10. What Life Lessons Would You Give To Your Child In Future?

Narrative Speech Topics on Friendships and Dating

What is a personal narrative on relationships and how should it look like? Well, can you remember the first love of your life or when your first date? These are some of the ideas that should inspire your writing. Other narrative essay topics include:

  1. Which Are The Most Meaningful Relationships In Your Life
  2. Is Dating Something Of The Past?
  3. What Do You Believe You Can Achieve From Marriage?
  4. Were You Allowed To Date When Young?
  5. Do You Have Any Basic Rules Of Handling Breakups?
  6. Do You Treasure Your Best Friend?
  7. Which Is Your Most Exhausting Relationship?
  8. What Advice Would You Give To A Friend Who Just Started Dating?
  9. Can You Describe A Love At First Sight Situation?


Are you still asking yourself, "What is a personal narrative essay?" Well with these personal narrative examples, you'll not only know how to write a personal narrative but also come up with a topic that's unique and captivating. Most importantly, remember that as a writer, it's your responsibility to reward your readers with well-written and researched content.

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