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Personal Experience Essay

If we can link a group of atoms to an individual's behavior, then we can have a connection or exchange between any two people at whatever distance. This is because atoms can be linked through quantum means, and the quantum world is non-local. Therefore, it is possible to tune into other worlds and get information that entails a personal experience of a compelling kind. This experience can help us to understand and reconcile with the past and help us to generate new futures. We, therefore, need to answer how exactly we need to write personal experience essays so that we can access inner harmony, social harmony, and general productivity.

According to Eric Berne, we can view a human in terms of hunger, and his attempts to feed these hunger within economic contexts through the use of technology. Personal experience essays are the requisition forms for relevant technologies within a context. Therefore, the question here is how to access the economic settings of our situations and creating technologies and products that can fulfill human hunger per context through a certain threshold.

Personal essay writing that is structured to find such answers is the optimal one and is encouraged as a lifelong practice. The basic instructions for such writing are as follows:

  • Understand the habitual trend of personal hunger management per context, of an individual, for example, family context
  • Determine the surplus hunger value and the use of what Winnicott calls 'transitional objects.'
  • Check for truth value conditions per transaction
  • Simulate probable actions for optimality within a complex system.

The outcome of personal essay writing should be a balanced life where the individual can be self-actualized, and ecological conflict reduced. Personal goals are met in a systems-based way and involve co-creative acts, where the most salient features or objects may be deemed as 'agents'. Such a universal theory of mind is possible when we use the above conditions as a basis for writing personal essays and personal goals essays. There is a science of humanities, and this science is mediated through the personal essay.

Theories of How Humans Work

How do humans work, and why is it important for us to know how they work? The study of this question is multi-disciplinary, but it pays if we take time to find out the models that we use when dealing with human problems.

Looking for How We Manage Hunger in Personal Essays

We can observe behavior in any game context for any number of players if we know the game definition, and the player moves. By counting frequencies of a particular behavior, we can have a picture of how a player meets his/her hunger. This is a crucial element that can be derived through the use of the personal essay. By generating as many personal experience essays as possible, we find patterns, and these patterns give us clues into our hunger.

Personal essay writing for seeing patterns in our behavior and worldviews requires us to add the following considerations for each cluster of behavior patterns;

  • Game relations and intersections
  • Emergent demands
  • Game equilibrium characteristics
  • Ecosystems

Writing personal essays needs us to understand game relations and intersections. In the first case, we now understand human behavior in terms of games that emerge from the conflict between the inner self and the outer self. And if the human relates to different people and objects within the society, then it must follow that there will be game overlaps and game contentions within an experience. In this case, we have a clear example of how a personal goals essay can be best generated. To play the games of a life well, we need first to understand the rules and relations.

The aim of personal essay writing is also to see the games that we play when we seek to satisfy our hunger. When we see these games, we can withdraw and reconsider how we fulfill our hunger, and even if there is a need for a certain game. The necessity of games calls for the most important aspect of humanity - technology. Personal goals essays can be a powerful source of inspiration for the astute human and scholar.

Evaluating Hunger as Part of Personal Goal Essay

The origins of the hunger theory, as described by Dr. Eric Berne, involve the psycho-physiological aspects of human growth and how they spill into social interactions and institutions. The connection between the individual and society is explicated as one of integration into a body of symbols. Socialization is pacification. Personal experience essays come in handy when we trace for how we were socialized and how we are probably going to fair in life. It is a conscious and intelligent effort, but how can we measure or enumerate the hunger?

The human game theory considers at least six types of hunger:

  • Stimulus hunger
  • Recognition of hunger
  • Contact hunger
  • Sexual hunger
  • Time structural hunger
  • Incident hunger

This implies that for any context, we can describe behavior and assign weights to different hunger expressions.

If we can use the personal goal essay to find hunger patterns in our own experiences, then we can also find mathematics for the hunger, and can compute the natures and the trends that our behaviors are likely to take given probable scenarios. Personal experience essays then take a divinatory purpose if we stick to the method unfolding itself. A good set of personal goal essays is likely to help you see the enemy before he attacks. And by using mathematical systems, we can design futures and lives of ourselves, and others. By being able to divine, we acquire the most potent magic.

Effective personal essay writing should enable us to stand up in dignity and honor. But a critical issue arises when we seek to identify others, who may not appear to be like us, human qualities. How, indeed, can we know that others are human like us? The personal experience essay that considers such questions is likely to help us to know how to evaluate ourselves and others. We can also appreciate how different people generate different cultures yet explaining how all these cultures exhibit a common pattern.

What is the Truth?

One could say that truth is the source of wisdom; in the end, something that we access but can never fully explicate. But we also know that the truth can be described in logical terms and used for certain ends, for any given context. If two entities holding different truth views seek to find concord, then they must discover the essence of game actualization that drives them. Also, they can see how they are at liberty to define and create new games. Personal goals essays help us to realize such truths and even offer a tool that can be used to discern language systems of the unconscious mind.

Personal goal essays are about finding what is true given a context, and are ideally related to the six sources of truth:

  • Direct experience and perception
  • Logic
  • Authority
  • Comparison
  • Non-being
  • Induction

When a personal experience essay is unfolding in the process of our preparation and writing, we need to consider how our transactions relate to the truth. See how Dr. Berne explicates the 'transaction' and the three mental states involved. For any game, we can know the following variables:

  • The Players
  • The Hunger
  • The Strategies
  • The Transactions
  • The Pay-offs

Therefore, we can test the truth values of our ideas by counter checking against these variables. More so, we can embark on finding out if there may be varying qualities of truth that we can actualize when we use these ideas in personal essay writing. A personal goal essay that considers these variables must be an optimal one. This is because it allows the writer to see deep into things that may not be visible to the physical eye. Problem identification is not an easy task when we are dealing with complex systems, and this makes it even harder to find personal goal fulfillment. But with these tools, we are fortunate because we can use technology even more effectively.

Simulation for Personal Goals Essay

It has been said that complex systems experience what we may call the 'butterfly effect'; such non-linear and unanticipated events and outcomes need to be factored in when choosing the understanding we wish to create in personal essay writing. Therefore, it is critical to have a model that unifies a wholly diverse system. This model is then used as the frame of reference for any analysis and simulation. If we have a set of equations or sets of equations, then we can use a computer. But a simpler method would be that of using Unified Modeling Language or UML to try and study at least ecosystems.

For us to write a truthful personal essay, we need to review the experiences and use simulations based on UML. Through that, we can find out the most probable causes of situations and the necessary conditions that may need to be met. We can go ahead and establish desirable outcomes possible. Personal goals essays that don't have such considerations may not be helpful when we wish to find serious solutions to pressing issues we may face in life.

Personal goals essays are, therefore, sources of personal strategy in life and should be used intelligently. Intelligent use entails the following aspects:

  • Optimal conditions and space for optimizing objectives
  • Probable implications of action to other agents and players
  • Actions evaluations with respect to probable agent responses
  • Desired outcomes and desired ecosystems.

The task of personal essay writing then takes that of architecture and design, and the human being is ideally freed from the seemingly inevitable consequences of life. Therefore, we need to consider the factors in this section because they offer us higher probabilities of finding and living a good experience. And what is the aim of being scholars if we are unable to live a good life? Personal goals essays are best informed by such rigor in our thinking and life practice, for the lives we live are a practice. Sartre's existentialism comes into original appearance, and the dynamics are computable.


Personal essay writing is a powerful tool that can be used for complex and vital exercises that help us to find the good life. However, the most critical aspect of our analysis is that technology is ideally used in-game contexts and that tool making is a resultant of game analysis and strategy. In circumstances when a community produces tools, we realize that they do so about game constraints. Human experience analysis is not analyzable in any other context but that of the game context. Personal experience essays are the best materials for understanding games, and the emergent needs that need resolution.

A worldview comprised of vital forces acting on all objects in the universe can be explicated using a game theory, which allows for divination. It is possible for the divinatory act to be adapted to the language systems of time and context. All that may be required is to have the principles of human behavior at hand. That body of knowledge has been developed in contemporary medical and psychiatric practice in the works of Dr. Eric Berne and his disciples. Personal goals essays are derived well from this practice of knowledge, just as divination of the future is possible using the same essays.


This article has been about the best way we can write a personal experience essay. We have seen how we can use the contemporary understanding of human nature to derive the essential elements of analysis and interaction. We have seen a framework we can use for transactional analysis and how transactional analysis can direct the trends with which we can develop new technologies, and how we can live better lives. Personal goals essays are thus brought to life and made useful.

Personal essay writing is, therefore emphasized as an essential tool that we should use in our day to day lives. The technique to be followed has been explicated, and now, all that remains is for us to put this knowledge to practice in all forms of problem-solving. We must never forget the importance of humanism in the ennoblement and advancement of civilization.

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