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Informative Speech Topics Example

As it may be, the purpose of any informative speech is to bring to light new information, thus improving one's knowledge on a subject or a given topic of discussion. However, the challenge is always to come up with an excellent topic to suit what one wants to discuss. Scholars are not just required to have a great topic but to think through their choice so that they can ensure the topic can be supported by a lot of facts and evidence. Indeed, there are a lot of critical areas to cover, including social sciences, ordinary activities that happen around our lives, but we have to pay keen attention before settling on a particular informative speech topic. In other words, the difficulty is always to come up with an informative speech topics college students examples to use.

Whereas students are at liberty to brainstorm or ask for assistance for their colleagues to help them with ideas for informative speech topics examples, it does not come quite quickly, and they will mostly ask for support from the professors. In this article, not only will we highlight a number of essential topics to help a learner, but we will also look at how to write such topics. In other words, it is imperative to understand the process that one has to follow in order to have a topic.

How to Write Informative Speech Topics

For one to understand the writing process, it is first imperative to understand what an informative speech entails and why it is essential to have a compelling topic. Basically, this is a type of writing that passes across information regarding a particular topic. The goal of an informative speech is to help the public or the audience to appreciate new input in terms of knowledge passed that varies significantly from his or her initial viewpoint. More so, it breaks down a difficult topic for easy comprehension by the audiences. Therefore, while we are writing an informative speech topics sample, it has to take into account data that is necessary and needed by the audience. The authenticity of such information is also critical.

We write informative speech outline topics examples by considering a number of items, procedures, frequency of their occurrence in addition to various ideas that can turn around the viewpoint. The main bearing of the information that informs the topic is factuality and originality; otherwise, the target audience will not identify with the subject of discussion; however, much the speaker tries to convince them.

Also, while we are writing an example of good informative speech topics, we must take into consideration its vivid explanation. In other words, we cannot purport to have a good issue unless we can explain it vividly to the audience. This does not only imply that we have to make a good choice for a topic, but it also implies that we must have enough information to support the topic. If our topic is on Rock music as interesting informative speech topic examples, we should identify the properties of rock that makes it distinctive from other genres. We need to look at its entertaining aspects, the formulation of rock music as a genre; we can also give a bit of data about its background, etc. The topic should have sufficient data to lead the writer to imaginatively reach a conclusion for the topic to be more compelling and exciting to listen to up to its end.

Notably, an example of good informative speech topics is that which interestingly provokes readers to think and ask questions to improve their knowledge. Therefore, when we are writing such a topic, we must not only dwell on the quantity of the information but also on its quality. Ideally, a good topic must lead the writer towards dwelling on the central points without taking the audience in circles. We need to write a topic that makes the reader concentrate on the delivery method. In other words, good topics should keep the speaker off, pouring his or her personal opinions.

A lot of perspectives or ideas while delivering a speech on a particular topic can be detrimental to the objective of the discussion because too many arguments may bore the audience. Ideally, interesting informative speech topic examples are argumentative neither are they polemical. While delivering the speech, one should restrain from introducing polemical aspects even though there could be some instances warranting such action.

We can write a sentence such as when I listen to rock music, I get entertained besides appreciating the arrangement of instruments. This makes my day more fulfilled, something I cannot just take for granted. I can argue that Rock music improves my concentration, and I work optimally whenever music plays as I work. Well, this approach is purely subjective, and a topic that leads to this angle ought to be avoided in totality. But as an opener to a speech, the speaker can use the statement and then go straight into the topic. It is important to write informative speech topics examples that will help you narrow down your points and prove to the audience that you have done good research.


This is a very important step in writing and identifying a good topic for any speech. Research also includes an element of audience analysis given that any topic should target a given group of people. Not all audiences are lovers of Rock music, and as such, the speaker will have to have an appropriate topic for the right audience. There are quite a number of important sources that we can use to help us come up with a good topic. Informative speech topics sample can be derived from real-life experiences, books, journal articles, and even from films, we watch. We can write great topics by taking our time and studying both primary and secondary sources.

Listing of Possible Topical Ideas

While it is true that an excellent topic has to involve some research, it is also true that the ideal way to write a topic may include listing several ideas first before we can conclusively say that we have it. With a lot of ideas listed down some emanating from brainstorming sessions, we will be able to narrow our thoughts to a particular topic and write it to suit the audience.

Upon settling on the topical ideas, it is imperative to keep the focus and not stay away from the central audience. The ease with which the topic will be conveyed becomes a very substantial consideration because as a speaker, it is not wise to have a topic that is too difficult to execute.

Importantly, the speaker to write a speech topic that can give him or her easy time. Avoid being fancy or writing a topic that creates controversy and will instead consume a lot of time because or unwanted arguments. The golden rule is that the simpler the topic, the better.

In summary, informative speech outline topics example should consider the following:

  • The audience
  • The allocated delivery time
  • The relevance of the topic to the public
  • The speakers understanding and comfort with the topic
  • The complexity of the topic being written
  • The supportive facts and evidence to ensure that the topic is credible
  • The occasion during which the topic is being discussed in other words, timing means everything for any speaker and the topic he or she is writing.
  • The relationship between the topic and the thesis statement.

Informative Speech Topics College Students Examples

As promised, we have outlined several examples of the great subject of discussion that one can consider while writing a good speech. Listed below are those example of good informative speech topics.

Group one of the topics consist of the following:

  • Learning through correspondence and achieving one's degree
  • Vehicles that use fuel and solar energy
  • The television reality programs and what they mean
  • How the alphabets were first formulated
  • The textile industry and how it impacted the world economy as a means of batter trade.
  • The truth about using DNA to prove paternity
  • The female soldiers and their contribution to the military
  • Conventional medicine versus traditional medicine
  • The first animal to be domesticated and how it changed the history of man and his/her relationship with the animals.

Group two of the informative speech outlines topics examples for children consist of the following:

  • History of animation and how cartoons influence children's education
  • The most sold comic book
  • How Disney has improved quality of children films
  • Trained dogs that take care of babies at home
  • The negative influence of abusive families on a child's life
  • The cloning of the sheep
  • Primary teachers input on child education
  • Importance of educated nannies at homes to take care of our children
  • The impact of violent movies on our children's behavior
  • How fast food s can affect children health
  • How parental love can affect a child's relation with others.

Group three of the informative speech topics sample on medicine, history, music, and crime are listed as:

  • Pop music and its influence on youth behavior
  • Health concerns for the elderly war veterans
  • History of music recording labels
  • The rise of gang violence
  • How easy access to guns has facilitated crime
  • The impact of drug and substance abuse on the lives of college youths
  • Early detection of cancer is the best way of treating it
  • History of cyberbullying
  • Music can be used as a therapy in the hospitals
  • History of biological chemicals for warfare.

Group four of the interesting informative speech topic examples for sight consist of the following:

  • The invention of 2D animation and how it works
  • How the lens of a camera can be adjusted to capture what the photographer wants work
  • The first man to invent Mount Everest
  • How telescopes work
  • How one can be considered as myopic or long-sighted
  • How concave and convex glasses work
  • Diets that can improve one's eyesight
  • The dangers of exposing oneself to radioactive materials.

Group five of informative speech topics consist of the following:

  • The fall of the berlin wall and the integration of the soviet union
  • How world war impacted the world's economy
  • The post agrarian economy
  • Crowdfunding and how it has improved the financial stability of the non-governmental organization
  • The importance of securing crime scenes
  • The impact of climate change on the environment
  • Egyptian civilization and how it affected the world
  • How computers work
  • Explaining how smart televisions work.

Group six of the topics for informative speeches consist of the following:

  • The best way of maintaining organic farming in our small homesteads
  • How to survive in the desert with little water
  • The precipitation process
  • History of wedding
  • How slavery began
  • The best way of cultivating crops for commercial benefit
  • Saving habits that can save a lot of money
  • How the invention of the wheel changed the means of transport.


We have learned how to write a great speech topic and some of the processes that we have to include in our writing process. Important, however, is to have a topic that you understand well. This means that an author of any informative speech must not only aim at enriching his or her audience, but he or she must prove to be the bearer of the information. Additionally, the credibility and usefulness of the information is a factor that must be highly regarded. This implies that the authors must write a topic that is supported by factuality and not a subjective topic. Informative speech topics college students examples should bring to light new information for the learners. It should not be a persuasive tool but a means of enhancing the knowledge levels of the students.

Basically, to device a speech that is not only influential but also educative, it is imperative to ponder on the subject while at the same time thinking about the time allocated. Some topics are generally broad and may require a lot of time while others are too narrow and may not satisfactorily fulfill the goal. It is imperative to have a topic that neither too broad nor too narrow. Also, the topic should not dwell on data that the public is aware of, but it should rather introduce something new to avoid a situation of boredom.

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