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Impromptu Speech Topics

Students often panic and get confused when it comes to impromptu speech topics and to impromptu speeches in general. That's because an impromptu speech could surely be named one of the most challenging ones for many people. But that's also why it's one of the most useful to master.

What is an impromptu speech?

An impromptu speech is the one you should give without any preparation. Just imagine: a professor asks you to stand up during the class and to give a speech on a certain topic.

This might seem frankly terrifying, especially for those, who don't handle public speaking well. However, these situations do happen in everyday life and will definitely happen to everyone in the future. You might be asked to give a speech during a certain celebration or to give some kind of a report to your colleagues - and there are plenty of situations when you aren't wanted about it beforehand and will have to improvise.

Therefore, the teachers and the professors do their best to prepare their students for this kind of situations, assigning the impromptu speeches to them. In most cases, the students are warned that they'll need to give an impromptu speech. In some cases, however, it's unexpected and students need to improvise.

How can you prepare for an impromptu speech?

In some cases, you at least know the topic your speech would be centered about and the audience you're going to give your speech to. In this situations you'll have more freedom and will be able to prepare beforehand: for example, by picking some funny impromptu speech topics if the audience is appropriate for that, and so on.

In some cases, however, you don't have an opportunity to prepare for that. But even in this case, you can practice giving an impromptu speech at home by picking topics that you like and trying to rehearse them.

Here are some tips that could help you do that.

It doesn't matter whether you need to come up with impromptu speech topics for high school or for college - either way, you'll be able to think about some. If this seems too hard to do without an example, we've prepared a list of great topic ideas for you - you can find them below.

Once you come up with your own topic or decide to pick one from the list, give yourself some time to prepare. Of course, in reality, you won't be able to spend a lot of time on that - so make sure that you'll have no more than one minute to come up with an opening, some statements, and a conclusion.

Practice giving an impromptu speech. If possible, even record it. Try to ensure that you won't be talking for two minutes at least.

If you recorded it, listen to the recording and try to spot the flaws. Take notes if you want. Your goal here is to ensure that you're speaking fluently and deliver your point of view right. But if this won't happen at first, don't worry - you'll be able to change that if you practice more.

You can even work together with a friend. It would be even better than practicing on your own as you can give each other feedback.

What to do after you practiced?

Try monitoring your progress. If you start feeling like it's getting easier for you, shorten the time for preparation. Do it slowly, until you'll be able to speak on any topic easily and almost immediately.

Here are some good impromptu speech topics that could help you. You can pick one of them or come up with your own topic if you want to. You can also look for more examples online if you feel these ones aren't enough. Just be sure not to limit yourself to those topics and practice coming up with your own ones.

50 topics for impromptu speech

  1. What is my biggest concern for the future
  2. Should real wealth be measured in money
  3. Is conservation the key to survival
  4. Does real love differs from romantic movies
  5. Do plants have feelings
  6. Why junk food is so popular
  7. Is it okay to forgive everyone
  8. Is the world too small these days
  9. How did our communication change over the decade
  10. What do I want to do when I grow up
  11. Are goals good for you
  12. How to achieve your goals
  13. What was the most important lesson of my life so far
  14. Why intelligence is not enough
  15. What would I do if I ruled the world
  16. How color affects our feelings
  17. Why team sports are good
  18. Why it's so good to laugh
  19. Only fools part with money easily
  20. Is discipline a dirty world
  21. Is poverty a state of mind
  22. What makes an ideal hero
  23. Do children learn what they live with
  24. Who can be called an average person
  25. Is being young really that great
  26. Could lying be a good idea in some situations
  27. What human qualities do we need more
  28. Who's the person that influenced your life the most
  29. What is more important - how do we look or who we are on the inside
  30. Fashion victims I'm familiar with
  31. Are pets a good option for people who don't have children
  32. Which season is the best for me
  33. How do media affect our thinking
  34. Is advertising that targets children immoral
  35. Real learning happens outside the classroom
  36. Do we buy too many things
  37. Does true wisdom always come from experience
  38. Why is a sense of humor important
  39. Do uniforms stifle individuality
  40. How does society affect our lives
  41. Why being polite is good for you
  42. Should children watch television
  43. How art changes our lives
  44. Is it possible for all nations to live in peace
  45. Simple ways to take care of the environment
  46. Are ads and marketing bad for us
  47. Why people expect high school graduates to go college immediately
  48. When is the best time to travel
  49. Why budgeting is so important
  50. Should we study pop-culture in schools

Hopefully, these topics for impromptu speech will give you some idea or two and help you come up with your own ones. Unlike persuasive speech topics and topics for other types of speeches, they are easier to deliver. You don't need to persuade someone in something and you don't need to support your statements with some additional research (assuming you weren't assigned to give a speech beforehand). All you need to do is to talk - and to do it well

We wish you good luck with that and hope that you'll learn how to deliver amazing impromptu speeches.


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