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How to Write Cause and Effect Essay

If you are a student, you have probably been assigned to do different written tasks. One of them is writing cause effect essays. Does it sound difficult, doesn't it? Actually, the devil is not so black as he is painted. This article will help you answer the question "What is a cause and effect essay?” as well as it explains its structure. Moreover, you will be impressed by a step-by-step instruction of writing an effective paper.

First of all, you should get to know the essay on cause and effect definition. So, it is a particular kind of academic writing the main purpose of which is to carefully study the situation and define its possible cause or effect. The student has to clarify the reason a certain event/thing occurred and what potential effects this event/thing will lead to.

Let us imagine you were assigned to write about the way fast technological evolution impacts modern teens. Your task is to give an explanation about the possible causes of this problem (modern teenagers more often started to use different gadgets; students use their smartphones even during the classes). Then you should give explanations about the effects of fast technological evolution and the way it impacts the teenagers' minds (these devices distract the children's attention from the study; they have a lack of the communications with the friends; some individuals become loners and antisocial; it leads to a mental disorder).

This type of academic writing requires patience, intelligence and knowledge in a particular area. It doesn't mean you will write your piece in several minutes or even in an hour. Creating decent cause effect essays requires the in-depth analysis of a particular situation and evidence of a direct correlation between cause and possible consequences. The writer should carefully study the situation, put forward valid arguments and make a logical conclusion.

Do not consider cause and effect essay is another boring task from your teacher. It's not true. By writing this type of academic paper, you will not only practice your writing skills but demonstrate your erudition, intelligence, knowledge and life experience. Moreover, you will improve your analytical learning and critical thinking which will definitely help you in your future. If this task seems impossible to perform, don't despair. By following these useful tips and tricks depicted in this article, you will certainly write an A+ paper that will impress either your grader or your fellow-students.

How to write cause and effect essay? Follow 10 easy steps

If you want to learn how to write cause and effect essay, follow these easy steps and you will see that nothing is impossible. Here's how ridiculously easy it is:

Step 1. Make a list of the possible topics.

Usually, teachers ask to write an essay on cause and effect but do not specify the topic. You are lucky if it is your case! Then you'll hit the sweet spot. Feel free to write about the topic you are interested in. However, make sure you are familiar with a particular theme, have enough knowledge to cover it in details and have access to various reliable sources to gather information. It's a no-brainer if you learn this list of possible topics:

  • The consequences of drug abuse
  • Global warming: is it really happening?
  • The role of the kid during the divorce process
  • The way music affected my life
  • Reasons and effects of helping poor people
  • Impressions Italy left on me
  • The way modern literature affects children's life
  • The impact the Internet has on teenagers
  • The causes and effects of vaccinations
  • Earth pollution: is it dangerous?
  • How has modern technology changed mankind?
  • The consequences of industrial progress
  • The effect the diet has on the people's health
  • Social housing reform: what are the consequences?
  • What are the consequences of failure in school/college/university?
  • The way cheating on the exam influences future life
  • The long term effects of smoking and alcoholism

Step 2. Choose the most preferable topic

Look at your list and choose the topic which you will be able to discuss and prove the arguments. It is worth noting that it will be easier for you to cover the topic if it is interesting for you. For example, you decided to write about the possible consequences of vaccinations. It is a rather informative topic. There is a lot of information throughout a Web to make research. But are you sure you have enough knowledge in this field? Is this theme really interesting for you?

Nonetheless, if you have an intention to study this issue, you have a lead time for exploration at each stage of the process, you may choose something new for you. But lots of experts recommend picking the topic you are well-informed about and want to enlarge your knowledge in this field. This is the right way to create an informative piece of paper which will be easy to read and understand.

Step 3. Brainstorm cause and effect essay ideas

Since you decide what to write about, it is necessary to ascertain which angle you will reveal the main idea and determine the issue. That is why at this stage you should brainstorm causes and effects. For instance, your topic is the consequences of drug abuse. Here it is necessary to select the writing angle: whether you start writing with causes or effects. You may need some time to think about it, to weigh all the pros and cons. Your helper will be brainstorming. You'd do it like this:

  • Prepare two pieces of paper. The one for detecting the causes and the one for effects
  • Write down all the ideas that come to your mind about the causes of drug abuse
  • Write down all the ideas of terrible consequences of substance abuse

Let see exactly how this works: you should determine which paper is more informative, interesting, eye-catching and comprehensive. Congratulations! You've just identified the angle you are going to start with.

Step 4. Make research

Knowing the topic and angle to start with, the next step is making careful research. This way you will make your writing more thought-provoking. Here's how it goes. It is necessary to select only the resources you can rely on. Do not use out-of-date and ineffective literature. Make your research using reliable scientific information. Popular blogs and the channels are not suitable for writing cause effect essays. Remember, the more info you study, the more complete and successful your paper will be. If you discover some facts, it is necessary to prove them. This is the only way to write an academic paper but not the school composition. The information you have gathered will be helpful for writing an effective thesis statement. So take the next step.

Step 5. Write a thesis statement

You're good to go writing a thesis statement. Here you should answer the question: "What is the chief problem of the topic and why it is necessary to study it?” For instance, if you decided to write about the impact the Internet has on teenagers, do not include your point of view in the thesis:

I am sad that sometimes the Internet has a bad effect on modern youth. Teenagers should spend their time more useful.

Your thesis statement should demonstrate the significance of this issue and the way it affects the people:

The well-known scientist Jane Lincoln noted that in recent years there is rapid progress in the development of the Internet with immediate relevance to modern teenagers. There have been many cases of depression as well as mental disorders.

This is a good example which shows the importance of the theme statement. Additionally, the well-structured thesis will encourage the reader to read the entire essay and understand its main key.

Step 6. Write an outline

By now you'll have realized the topic, main ideas of your essay. You even wrote the thesis. This is the point where it is necessary to write an outline. Before you start writing, it is necessary to understand how to write cause and effect essay. That means you should get familiar with its structure. Here is an approximate plan of your work:

Introduction. To begin with, lay the foundations of an essay. Explain exactly what aspects you will discuss. Add a thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph.

Body part I. Continue with a paragraph that describes the reasons. The number of necessary paragraphs will be determined by the number of points of view that you will try to prove. In each paragraph, you need to concentrate on a separate point of view. Explain the conditions of the situation in the paragraph, which describes its causes. Illustrate the circumstances with a solid argument. Your aim is to familiarize the reader with the situation and the flexibility of the approaches. You can make the reader understand the correlations which will later be discussed in your work. In addition, here you should describe the fundamental cause and effect essay ideas supporting them with the evidence.

Body Part II. This extract requires describing the effects. Decide on the number of paragraphs. Each specific opinion must be expressed in one paragraph. Pay attention to specific factors. Explain in detail how certain causes led to possible consequences. Start with a general description, and then go into details. Illustrate examples with arguments. It's time to express your opinion about the causal correlation.

Body part III. Here you should explain the importance of a causal correlation. Give your ideas for cause and effect essays and prove your thoughts.

Conclusion. Complete the piece by creating the final paragraph. Draw conclusions from what you have been able to prove. Explain the importance of such conclusions for the modern world or a specific reader.

Don't forget about using the linking words to make your writing more natural and appealing to the reader. Logically ordered sentences are also of great importance.

Step 7. Write a draft

This is the part where you have to gather your thoughts and ideas and write a draft. Remember that you have to write at least two drafts in order to provide effective work. Give you some time to reflect on the key points and write the second draft.

Step 8. Edit the paper to make it understandable and harmonious. In most cases, cause and effect essay is limited to one to seven thousand words or one to ten pages of text. Do not be afraid to shorten some sentences. Specify only those details and moments that are essential for the idea you are trying to discuss.

When it comes to ideas for cause and effect essays, the rule "the shorter the better” is usually applied. Do not write sentences that do not speak about anything. Write your work so that it includes just as much information as it will be enough.

Step 9. Re-read your essay out loud

Listen to how each sentence sounds. See how smoothly the narration goes from paragraph to paragraph. Identify and underline any clumsy sentences and phrases, then edit them. Reading out loud will also help you identify spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

Step 10. Let someone else read and criticize your writing

Show the story to friends, family and peers. Ask if they find your essay informative and interesting. Be open to constructive criticism, as it will help you make your writing even better.

Understanding what is a cause and effect essay is just the tip of the iceberg. But if you cope with this task, there will be no challenges for you in academic writing anymore. You will perfectly write any kind of paper. So what are you waiting for? Show your talents right now!

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