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How to Write a Thematic Essay

Whereas writing is must-do-activity at various points in human life, its application to academic works cannot be overlooked. Not only do we write our exams - but we also write articles or assignments and submit them for grading within the course of our academic life. Moreover, writing is a way of showing that we are scholars who have gone through the rigors of the academic cycle. It indicates that we are ready to exchange the ideas we have mastered with the rest of the world. Importantly, while imparting new knowledge, it is crucial to do so in a very vivid manner. Writers, therefore, use themes for clarity and purposeful writing; otherwise, the recipient of the information may wonder what necessarily the paper implies.

When we answer the question of what is a thematic essay, then we get an angle of approaching the process that writing such an article entails. Additionally, we appreciate how to write a thematic essay question only when we understand what it is. The purpose of this paper is not just to provide an outline of an essay but to give valuable information. Also, to help a student to learn how to write a thematic essay introduction, body and the summarizing paragraph, which is also known as the conclusion.

So, What is a Thematic Essay?

In order to answer this question, it is imperative for any writer to understand that all academic papers serve some very critical purpose. In other words, all essays must be premised on some strong theme which the writer uses to build their ideas. Essentially, thematic essays are themed articles meant to educate readers about an issue or writers presenting value-based article to his or her readers. In its definition, a thematic essay is a piece of writing developed through literary techniques such as imagery, foreshadowing metaphors, personification, among others.

Highlighting the Central Theme of an Essay

The business of a thematic essay is to come up or select the central theme. While choice can be tough given that there is a lot of examples and ideas that come in one's mind, we can use the following as a guideline for choosing the best central theme for an essay.

Literature review and summarization to arrive at the desired theme: When a writer deriving his or her literature from a book, it is vital to concentrate on the nuclear of the book by always asking oneself of the main point the author of the book is communicating. As evidenced in most books, authors overtly put across this point because they want their readers to understand it as soon as they grab the book and begin to read it. A theme helps paint a very vivid image of the information, and that is why an author will not hide it.

Secondly, writers should not pick any other subject but the most relevant ones. By doing this, the writer will focus on the central theme of the essay and avoid a situation of confusion. Differentiating various concepts and themes in a book becomes apparent if a writer sticks to the relevant subject. A simple definition of the matter is that it is the topic of conversation that is generally ranging from loyalty, betrayal, love, and bravery.

Whereas a theme is particular and explains the subject, it is also frequently projected in writing for one to understand it. To some people, understanding the theme from the inset might be difficult, but they need not worry because a theme will repeat itself in the article.

Thirdly, as we generate the theme or select that appropriate one, one tactic that can come to our aid is reading between the lines. This is done by staying focused and not taking our sight off the main subject at all cost.

Lastly, we need to identify the overall significance of the paper to establish the theme. Quite a lot of times, we tend to overlook the big picture and miss the critical information overriding the message. We need to ask ourselves about the author's message or point.

Writing a Thematic Essay Outline

Just like any other writing, the thematic essay employs quite a number of rules that the writer must observe to end up with a paper that is elaborate and concrete. Outlines are the referent point for writers because they mirror the article that the writer will finally present. Understanding how to write a thematic essay conclusion may not just be enough without having a framework in place. Ideally, the following rules are essential when writing a thematic paper:

  • The length of the thematic essays is generally five paragraphs long depending on how complex they are. Just as other academic articles, then major points can be discussed elaborately in five paragraphs. The first serves as an intro the middle three serving as the body and the last one as the conclusion.
  • Focusing on the main objective and purpose of the paper is as important as the final paper. This is an important rule given that without establishing a compelling thesis statement at the conceptualization stage and putting it in the introduction, the paper is likely to lose direction. It is paramount that the thesis statement is a product of the subject of study.
  • Clarity in terms of arrangement and presentation of points is another critical rule to observe. One cannot claim that he or she understands how to write a thematic essay question and other subsequent parts without understanding how to organize his or her thoughts. He must first demonstrate that he understands how to write a thematic essay introduction in the best way as required. Secondly, that he understands discussing the points in the body section and lastly that he knows how to write a thematic essay conclusion as expected.
  • Presentation of a summary of significant points, in brief, is a crucial rule to observe. As a demonstration of discipline and skills, the writer must bring the writing to a conclusion in the last part of the paper in an unambiguous manner.

Writing Process of the Article

How to write a thematic essay introduction can be addressed in the following manner. First, the writer needs to have a topic or subject of discussion to base the whole article on. In other words, all writings begin with a working topic.

How to Write a Thematic Essay Introduction

This is a very challenging section to write given that a writer must critically think and come up with good ideas to present the principal subject clearly as well as engage the audience through the use of captivating facts. An introduction begins with some exciting sentences in order to keep the readers glued to the article. Notably, there are millions of articles written, and what separates them is how well their authors have engaged the readers. In order to achieve maximum attention for your paper, it is vital to ensure that the article has attention grabber such as the use of similes, metaphors, interesting statistic, and other relevant revelations.

By grabbing the attention of the reader, we demonstrate that we know what we are doing and why we are writing the paper. The technique has worked for good articles and has shown that the writers have an excellent command of their work. Show that you know how to write a thematic essay introduction by:

  • Using attention grabbers
  • Providing a topic sentence
  • By providing a thesis statement to make your position about the topic clear.
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It is also important to note that the introduction is an important part whereby the readers get to know about the background or context of the study. Writers should, therefore, not forget to put together the main points that show why the paper is being written. The context can be provided through studying relevant literature and extracting the relevant information to adopt in the paper. In addition to the thesis statement, the last section of the introduction should also contain the central theme that is consistent with the topic. It is important to note that a writer should not write a statement such as ‘this is my theme' but instead let the readers learn about the theme as they read the introduction.

Writing the Body Paragraphs of the Thematic Essay

While some types of essays are easy to write given that they allow writers to freely put in their ideas in the body without following some rules, thematic essay writing takes a different approach. The format of the body paragraph is a little bit strict. The paragraphs in a thematic essay ought to be designed to present evidence as literary devices. As expressed in the introduction, a topic sentence, for example, serves as an intro alerting the readers that the writer is presenting credible evidence.

While writing the body, the writer should strive to extract information from credible sources and recognize such sources by an in-text citation. Academic paper respects the information source and credits any author who may have contributed to the evidence used by a writer of a thematic essay by citation and provision of a reference page at the back of the paper. If a quotation from other sources is used, it is paramount to explain the reason for the quotation.

Remember that good writing must have a thread that knits all the ideas in the body. Essentially, this is achieved through literary devices. We can minimize having a loosely tied thematic paper by ensuring that the literary devices are used. Importantly, the body section should contain unique ideas that are supporting the thesis statement while at the same time projecting the theme to the readers.

How to Write a Thematic Essay Conclusion

As a central component of a thematic paper, understanding how to write a thematic essay conclusion is an additional value to completing the task. What goes into this section just as other parts is very critical. Writers must think through the paragraphs and reread them to understand the major ideas that they want their readers to capture at the end of the paper. So then, the following are some of the meaningful Ideas that can be used to summarize a thematic paper:

  • Sticking to the discussed information in the other paragraphs of the article and not providing any new information because that will confuse the readers
  • Remember to restate the thesis statement, not as a whole statement. Use a transition to do so.
  • It is paramount to select the major points, and they should not be so many. In fact, three can be ideal for substantiation.
  • Provide a concluding statement with a wide analysis as the basis.

Extra Writing Tips for a Thematic Essay

We have stated that writing is a process that passes through some critical steps. When one has completed writing the first copy of the paper, it is important to state that he or she should not submit it without proofreading the paper. Proofreading will help the writer to iron out grey areas that might affect the overall quality of the thematic essay. While proofreading, identify possible mistakes and errors that affect the sentence structures, the spelling mistakes, and missing transitions to stitch together the ideas. Editing will not only ensure that the paper meets the required standard but also that it does present the writer's ideas in the best way possible. We can demonstrate that we know how to write a thematic essay question, intro, and summary through proofreading and editing.


The genesis of a good article is to come up with a good topic. In doing so, the writer will fulfill the purpose of a thematic paper, which is to educate readers on important issues affecting them. We have discussed the importance of learning how to write a thematic essay conclusion and various parts of the article to enable one to have a good presentable paper. Good writers have mastered the art of organizing their papers in line with the requirements of the institution. This can be in accordance with MLA, APA, or any other writing style that is recommended by the professors. As we put together the information to pass an idea, we should not forget that how we organize the paper will matter so much to our target audience.

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