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How to Write a Personal Essay
It is prudent for one to ask: what way(s) are there for one to know how to select the most suitable subjects for a personal essay. Of course, at the moment we are assuming we know what a personal essay is. But maybe to recall the matter may be appropriate at the moment. Personal essay writing is about the focus of thought in the form of an argument based on ones experience with a person. This definition is interesting because a person is essentially an agent defined by law as a person. It is possible that soon human persons may use subjects from robotic persons and even corporate persons. This aspect of agency is critical when we are developing a severe personal essay writing. To paraphrase the opening question we find that personal essay writing is about collecting thoughts regarding an entity's agency within a social set up that defines that entity as a person and expects certain relations that conduce human settlement and civilization. This implies that our personal essays should answer the basics of personhood, particularly regarding the social, political, and economic context of a time and place. We may, therefore, state the following factors as critical in the selection of a subject for a personal essay and the development of a personal essay outline:
  • How is personhood defined in an identified subject?
  • Is there a method to this actualization of personhood?
  • How does this personhood engage with society or community?
  • What are the effects produced when this personhood is affirmed?
Imagine what beauty promises to emerge when we use the best techniques of thought on a person or even ourselves! We know that an essay is essentially an object created by the mind according to a prescribed method and logical language. Therefore when we use logic and introspection, investigation, and analysis, we prepare ourselves for powerful encounters with other persons. We begin to challenge our own personhood and start redefining ourselves accordingly. A personal essay is thus a journey in which we share our experiences with others and find more profound and more desirable aspects of our lives. The effect of this personal essay writing is civilization. Civilization is continual learning and using collective knowledge to resolve issues in society. An effective personal essay outline, therefore, needs to consider a person's actions and influence in the context of civilization and how an encounter enhances it. A personal essay is thus an act of judgment, and personal essay writing is about us – the writer and reader alike, coming together and looking at our values and ascribing these values on others and ourselves. Such action then allows a society to update itself and to find new ways of living. Therefore personal essay writing is a powerful method and experience that focuses on the essential aspects of personhood formally and engagingly.

Defining Personhood When Writing a Personal Essay

‘Man is the measure of all things', is an injunction that we are prone to misunderstand. In the case of writing personal essays, the cognitive characteristics of human persons need to be taken into consideration, and a determination made on how well we can pass judgment on others and ourselves. Most examples of personal essay writing reflect our cognitive capacities. For example, are we prone to heuristics and how do heuristics affect our appreciation of what others have done and who others are? If we can find a model for perceiving personhood, then we can be in a great position to come up with personal essay examples that are instructive and fair at the same time. One model that is gaining importance is that of ‘game - computation'. It informs a computational theory of mind that leads to participation in games where we exchange transactions according to scripts. That is, we may perceive personal essays as descriptions of games, transactions, and texts. Personal essays that are based on the game computational model have a specific method of work. This method is normally focused on analyzing and identifying the following key issues:
  • Collectives as game causing situations
  • Roles are emergent out of each person's computation regarding how to meet their hunger needs best
  • Each character is meant to meet needs that are experienced by the individual and the collective
  • How personhood is an implicit acceptance of social responsibility.
A personal essay outline that begins with the preceding considerations is likely to capture the reality of things as they are since it perceives situations dispassionately and with a keen eye for intrinsic motivation of each person considered. If our personal essay examples show this kind of consideration, then they can be deemed to be of a higher quality than those without such an approach. Most sources will point out that a personal essay needs to connect the individual experience to the universal context. But how can we know of this global context except by defining the game contexts in which our subjects participate and live in? Personal essay writing then is a computational process that allows us to perceive others in the most unbiased way as possible. Personal essays of high quality must, therefore, be supported by a personal essay outline that allows us to consider and recount the categories mentioned above. When we put our personal essay examples to such computational standards, we create an objective frame of reference that can help us move through the challenges of bias and other cognitive limitations. It can be said that strictly speaking, we become human when we are subjects of personal essay writing. Otherwise, if we were not to be subjects in other person's personal essays, then how our existences could be justified? How could anyone be sure of our humanity?

Traditions of Personhood

Different cultures have had different value systems regarding personhood. Why?

Actualizing Personhood through Personal Essay Writing

Given that essays are systematic thoughts, personal essays are ways in which we systematize our existence. The personal essay outline becomes like a map which should be followed if we are to get to the destination of well-lived lives that meet the anxieties of existence with confidence. The reason for this assertion is that personal examples that are systematized along some well working model like the game computational model affords us explanations of being that are reasonable enough, and that can be said to be necessary. If we were to restrict ourselves to only necessary actions, then our lives would get closer to the human ideal. We would immediately be equal to Hesiod's ‘golden generation'. Personal essay writing at all times then shows how we actualize ourselves in a way that may be more comprehensive than Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Personal essay writing considers the actualization of personhood by considering some key factors like:
  • How is a collective or society supported by a particular person's role-playing?
  • Do the person's transactions inspire others to action?
  • What associations form around a given person?
  • What are the main outputs of the said transactions offered by a person under probe?
When we consider personal essay examples that may be deemed to be excellent, we find that they have a balance of both the positive and negative aspects of personal experience. Such a balance is only possible if the personal essay outline considers the factors mentioned under this section rigorously. But usually writing a personal essay of such a high quality needs us to be trained in generating proper perception. That is why the ancient men and women of wisdom took to training themselves to overcome the inhibitions of the mind since an inhibited mind can hardly perceive the factors mentioned without bias. But if for example, the person doing personal essay writing were affected by pain and pleasure, then he/she could hardly understand the subject' relations with the other members of a society deemed as persons.
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