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Best Debate Topics

Our Controversial Debate Topics

Are you looking for thought-provoking, original and really controversial topics? Well, we"ve got at least 50 inspiring examples that could form perfect debate topics. These are ideas guaranteed of putting you into a heated dispute with your friends or classmates. However, before we go through them, here are some useful tips when it comes to picking great debate topics.

The Debate and Discussion Essentials

When we talk about getting good debate topics, the first thing you need to remember is that it"s all about brainstorming. Before you pick any subject, conduct thorough research as you build upon these two cases: negative and affirmative. Your topics can be based on social, moral, political, or controversial questions.

So, to choose the best debate and discussion topics, you"ll need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Conduct a thorough brainstorming process - Here, think about at least three controversial debate topics you can use for your debate and list them down.
  2. Narrow down your list of ideas - Avoid controversial questions that are overused, too difficult for research, and too boring. Also, avoid issues that are not important, too broad or too narrow.
  3. Now make the right choice - Some of the things you"ll need to ask yourself here include:
  • What's the purpose of the debate?
  • What kind of people make up your audience?

Good Debate Topics on Men and Women

Issues dealing with the psychology of both men and women are maybe the most controversial topics available for you. However, be careful as you talk about them, or you might ruin your relationship with others. Here are a few debate and discussion ideas that you could use:

  1. Are Women Better Managers Than Men In The Current Millennial Generation?
  2. Lack Of Trust Or Jealousy: Which Are the Main Destructive Factors in Today"s Marriages?
  3. Do You Feel That All Women Are Irrational And Use Their Intuition Rather Than Logic?
  4. Provide Reasons Supporting And Opposing The Topic, "Men Should Take Regular Parenting Leaves."
  5. Are Relationships Really Over Or Can Your "Ex" Still Be Your Friend?
  6. Do Children Grow Up Looking Up To Their Fathers Or Mothers?
  7. Home Violence And Conflicts: Is The Man Really To Blame?
  8. Between The Young Boy And Girl, Who Do You Think Is At More Risk Of Contracting Sexual Diseases Today?
  9. Does Diversity In The Working Environment Decrease Or Increase Tension?
  10. Men Are More Susceptible To Committing Suicide Today As Compared To Women: Discuss!

Controversial Debate Topics on the Current Laws

It's always important to do thorough preliminary research whenever you are tasked with the responsibility of coming up with a powerful topic in this field. Luckily, we have simplified the work for you by providing you with these engaging, controversial topics.

  1. Should Capital Punishment Be Preserved For Only International Terrorists And Capital Killers?
  2. A Minor Caught Possessing An Unlicensed Gun Should Suffer The Same Consequences As An Adult: Discuss?
  3. Do You Think That The Law Should Punish Parents For The Mistakes Of Their Children After All; They Are Responsible For Bringing Them Up In The Best Way?
  4. Do You Feel That We Should Lower The Drinking Age For Safety And Health Concerns?
  5. Is The Law Doing Enough To Protect Gender Discrimination In Third World Countries?
  6. Does The United States Supreme Court Exercise Too Much Power Over Other Branches?
  7. Is President Donald Trump Doing Enough To Pursue Key Foreign Policies?
  8. Should The United States And Russia Work Together For The Sake Of Peace In Syria And Other Middle-East Countries?
  9. Should We Change The Law To Make Healthcare Services Free For All?
  10. Is It Time For All States In US To Legalize Marijuana Or Is It A Menace To Society?

The Most Controversial Topics on Health Care

Most of us don't have expert knowledge in the field of medication. However, you can still express your opinions and support them using the most relevant citations. Use these controversial debate topics to draw some inspiration:

  1. Is Herbal Medicine Better Than Seeking Traditional Healthcare Services?
  2. Should Religion Prevent A Parent Or His Or Her Child From Getting The Best Healthcare Services?
  3. All Physician-Assisted Suicides Need To Be Abolished And Prohibited: Discuss!
  4. Should We Ban All Ads On Prescription Drugs For Safety Concerns?
  5. Is Yoga One Of The Best Fitness Routines?
  6. Is Drinking And Driving Mostly Affecting Our Teenagers?
  7. Should We Monetize Or Legalize Steroids
  8. Do You Feel That It's Time To Ban Tobacco Smoking?
  9. Is Pasteurized Milk Better Than Raw Milk?
  10. Are Contraceptives A Solution Or Hidden Problem For Young Adult Girls?

Controversial Topics 2018 in Sports

A lot has happened in the sports industry over the course of the year. So, getting a topic that's interesting and engaging for your audience is pretty easy. Just take a look at these controversial debate topics 2018:

  1. Did Lebron James Make The Right Choice By Joining LA Galaxy?
  2. Do You Think That Cristiano Ronaldo Will Survive The Tactical Nature Of The Italian Serie A?
  3. Do You Feel That Luca Modric Is The Best Football Player In 2018?
  4. Is The World Doping Agency Doing Enough To Protect Athletes From Performance Enhancement Drugs?
  5. Kobi Bryant Vs. Lebron James: Who Will The Basketball World Remember Most?
  6. Do You Feel That African Countries Performed Dismally During This Year's World Cup Tournament Or Are They Just Disadvantaged?
  7. Was Soccer The Most Popular Sport In 2018?
  8. Should An Athlete's Diet Be Different From That Of Other People?
  9. Is WWE Wrestling A Sport Or Simply A Form Of Entertainment?
  10. Who Is More Important, The Owner Of A Sports Club Or The Players?

Amazing Controversial Topics on College Life

When discussing the various aspects of your college life, it's important to express your personal concerns. To help you out, we"ve put together some of the most controversial topics to light up your debate.

  1. Should The United States Adopt An Education System Like That Of The United Kingdom?
  2. Schools Teaching Same-Sex Education Are Much Better Than Others: Discuss.
  3. Are School Administrations Doing Enough To Prevent Cyber-Bullying?
  4. Do You Feel That It Should Be Mandatory For Students To Participate In Sporting Activities?
  5. Exams Need To Be Replaced With More Efficient Assessment Formats: Discuss!
  6. Does An Early Career Destroy A Student's Quality Of Learning?
  7. Is It Right To Allow Students To Conduct Performance Appraisals On Their Tutors Or Professors?
  8. Is The Afternoon The Best Time For Classes To Start?
  9. Should Students Take Up Loans To Remain Financially Afloat While In College?
  10. Are Online Courses Beneficial Or Problematic For Students?

Fantastic Debate Topics on Technology

Are you a tech-guru or enthusiast? If you are, then you'll be pleased to know that there are a lot of good debate topics touching on technological innovations. Let"s go through a few excellent examples:

  1. Are Cell Phones Taking Control Of Our Personal Relationships?
  2. Should All Parents Face-Time With Their Kids On Skype While At Work?
  3. Is Social Media Changing Family Relationships Or Not?
  4. Is Human-Cloning Good Or Bad For The Society?
  5. Android Vs. iOS Which Company Had A Better 2018?
  6. Is Artificial Intelligence "Watering Down" The Importance Of Human Productivity?
  7. Do You Believe That Social Media Companies Should Hold Certain Privacy Policies?
  8. Samsung Vs. Apple: Which Company Is Producing The Best Smartphone Devices Currently?
  9. Are Our Online Technologies Changing The Way We Live Completely?
  10. Texting And Cell Phone Use Have Made A Good Number Of People Less Attentive: Discuss!

The Bottom Line

Why should you keep on struggling as you try to look for the most controversial topics 2018? By using these fantastic examples, you can ignite any debate with ease. All in all, remember that as an expert debater, you need to sit down and ask yourself the most controversial questions if you intend to impress your audience.

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