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100 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Writing cause and effect essays is very easy. How come? Well, most of these topics are mostly taught within a class setting. They also come with a wide variety of resources ensuring that as a student, you get the best possible resources. Getting relevant content is easy as it only requires a simple search on the internet. The key topics that you’ll come across are carefully listed below according to their different categories:

Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics Dealing With Historical Events

We have a rich history. Going back to the evolution of man and coming to latest innovations in technology, it’s clear that as humans, we have something to smile about. Here are some of the good cause and effect essay topics that you could consider:

  1. What Caused The Collapse Of The League Of Nations?
  2. What Were The Effects Of Nazism On The Jews?
  3. Causes Of Slavery In The 18th Century
  4. What Were The Consequences Of Civil War In The United States?
  5. What Were The Causes Of The Russian Revolution?
  6. What Were The Effects Of The Slave Trade In The Colonial Period?
  7. Reasons Why The British Colonialists Conquered The Native Americans
  8. What Caused The End Of Colonialism In Africa?
  9. Effects Of Guerrilla Warfare In Africa And South America
  10. Effects Of The Building Of The Berlin Wall

Popular Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Governance and Politics

Are you familiar with how the governments of different countries operate? How about the state of policy in the world? If not, these popular cause and effect essay topics will carefully guide you through:

  1. What Leads To The Rise In Development Of A Nation?
  2. What Caused The Increase Of Famous African Leaders?
  3. Effects Of Voting In A Country?
  4. What Has Led To The Growth In Democracy In Small African States?
  5. What Are The Consequences Of Governments Contributing To Sports In A Country?
  6. How Did The British System Of Government Affect Their Colonies?
  7. Causes And Effects Of Embezzlement Of Funds In A Country
  8. Reasons Which Led To The Second Lancaster House Conference
  9. What Caused The Rise Of Capitalism Across The World?
  10. What Led To The Abolishment Of Monarchical Systems Of Government?

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Economics

Is studying economics fun? Although some may find this study to be challenging, some of the fun cause and effect essay topics you’ll come across will change your mentality. They include:

  1. Find Out The Actual Effects Of The Global Economic Crisis Of 2008
  2. Dangerous Effects Of Looking For Retirement At An Early Stage
  3. What Were The Consequences Of The Second Industrial Revolution?
  4. How Did The Britain Economy Benefit From The Agrarian Revolution?
  5. What Are The Effects Of The Growth Of The European Union?
  6. What Are The Different Economic Effects Of Immigration In Britain?
  7. How Did The South African Economy Fair During The Apartheid Period?
  8. What Causes The Decrease In A Country’s Economic Progression?
  9. Causes And Effects Of Advertising To Improve Consumer Spending
  10. What Are The Reasons For The Government Partnering Up With The Private Sector?

Cause and Effect Essays Associated With Natural Sciences

Interested in how the world came into existence? Here are some of the compelling reasons on why you should learn about how man came into the fold. They are some of the easiest cause and effect essay topics you’ll come across.

  1. Effects Of The Discoveries Of Oil
  2. What Causes Earthquakes And Other Related Natural Calamities?
  3. Effects Of Wild Fire On Wildlife!
  4. What Causes The Wild Beast Migration In Parts Of Africa?
  5. Effects Of Improved Sea Travel
  6. How Has Deforestation Led To Drought And Famine For Our Wildlife?
  7. Evidence That The Tiger Is The Next Endangered Species
  8. Reasons Why People Abandoned Whale Oil
  9. What Are The Effects Of The Production And Sale Of Diamonds?
  10. Effects Of Sports Activities On The Cognitive Skills Of Growing Children

Cause and Effect Essay Topics about Animals and The Environment

Why should we protect other living things and their habitats? To answer this question, you need to look at different cause and effect essay topics about animals and the environment. They include:

  1. The Cause Of The Rise In Air Pollution In The City
  2. The Real Reason Behind The Increase In Water Contamination On Marine Life
  3. Effects Of An Un-Habitable Environment!
  4. Why Are Developing Countries Most Affected By Poor Environmental Conservation Techniques?
  5. Causes And Effects Of Illegal Cutting Down Of Trees!
  6. The Shocking Reality Behind The Falling Of Snow On Crop Production
  7. The Real Reason Behind The Rise Of Global Warming And How The Lives Of The People Are Affected
  8. Why Should We Conserve Rain Water?
  9. Effects Of Asbestos On The Lives Of People
  10. Why Are Forest Fires Turning Out To Be Quite Rampant?

Technology Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Ideas explaining the development of science are fundamental. You’ll come across different technology cause and effect essay topics, and it’s advisable to tackle as many as possible. They include:

  1. How Has Social Media Led To Cyber Bullying?
  2. Reasons Which Make Google The Leading Search Engine
  3. How Have Smartphones Influenced The Way We Do Work?
  4. The Effects Of The Rise In Social Media Use On The Arab Spring
  5. The Benefits Of Improved Communication In A Growing Country
  6. Reasons Why It’s Now Advisable To Operate An Online Business
  7. Why Is Watching Movies Online Growing In Popularity?
  8. Causes And Effects Of The Growth Of Facebook
  9. Here Is Why You Should Market And Sell Your Products Online!
  10. The Shocking Truths Behind The Sale Of Instagram To Facebook!

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College Students and Families

Some of the attractive cause and effect essay topics for college students include those dealing with the relationships that students have both in school and at home. They look into the needs of students to provide relevant content and captivating reading materials. They are:

  1. Why Should You Get Your Child A Proper Education?
  2. The Causes Of A Divorce In A Successful Marriage
  3. The Rising Rate Of Single Parents Is Alarming: Here Is Why!
  4. Counselling Is Better Than Divorce: These Reasons Show Why
  5. The Growing Rate Of Sibling Rivalry Is Because Of Some Of These Reasons
  6. Why Are Mothers Considered To Be Better Parents?
  7. Causes Behind Infidelity In Marriages
  8. Can Working For Long Hours Affect Your Marriage?
  9. The Financial Status Is One Of The Reasons Affecting Several Marriages
  10. Causes Of Rivalry Between Children And Their Parents

Good Cause and Effect Essay Topics on Health and Nutrition

Which are some of the good cause and effect essay topics on health that you could tackle?

  1. Here Is Why Smoking Is More Dangerous Than Taking Alcohol
  2. Why Should We All Adopt A Good Morning’s Exercise
  3. Effects Of Increased Protein In The Body
  4. How Do Fruits Contribute To Improving The Body’s Immune System?
  5. Why Is It Recommended For Small Children To Eat A Lot Of Vegetables?
  6. Why Should You Keep Warm During Cold Seasons?
  7. How Do Ginger And Honey Heal Sore Throats?
  8. Why Are Allergies So Rampant Among School Going Children
  9. How Do Families Of Cancer Patients Suffer Emotionally?
  10. Why Is It Advisable To Wash Your Hands Before You Eat?

Simple Cause and Effect Essay Topics Dealing With Education

Why is education so important nowadays? Here are some of the simple cause and effect essay topics which show the need to have a good education:

  1. What Are The Causes Of Fewer Schools In A Country?
  2. Why Do Developing Countries Have High Cases Of Illiteracy?
  3. What Are The Effects Of Having Increased Numbers Of Teachers In Schools?
  4. Why Are Parents Today Taking Their Children To Private Schools?
  5. What Are The Consequences Of Not Educating Women In Society?
  6. Reasons Which Show Education Contributes To Development
  7. Positive Effects Of Teaching Children Use Of Language At An Early Stage
  8. Adverse Effects Of Corporal Punishment In Schools
  9. What Causes Students To Wear A Uniform To School?
  10. What Are Consequences Of Passing Your High School Examination?

Easy Cause and Effect Essay Topics Dealing With Social Issues

Different problems are affecting a society nowadays. Some of them are difficult others straightforward. These easy cause and effect essay topics should give you a perfect selection:

  1. What Are The Leading Causes Of Globalization?
  2. Why Are There So Many Comic Movies Today Than They Were Yesterday?
  3. Adverse Effects Of Buying A Pet
  4. What Are The Consequences Of Having An Inferiority Complex In Society?
  5. What Causes Some Children To Die At Birth?
  6. Effects Of Female Genital Mutilation In Africa
  7. Causes Of Early Pregnancy Among Young Girls From Developing Countries
  8. Effects Of Disease And Farming For Nomadic Communities
  9. What Causes Young Men To Join Militia Groups?
  10. What Were The Effects Of Intermarriages Between The Native Americans And The British Colonialists?


Cause and effect essay topics are very easy. With some of these essay ideas, you have nothing other than best resources to make you a professional essay writer. Are you now ready to start writing?

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